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..... LOVE IS IN THE AIR .....

Rosa gallica (Reproduction)
Here at Maps of Antiquity, we simply cannot imagine anything more romantic than the gift of antique ephemera. Thoughtfully present this year's Valentine with an immortal paper bouquet, or if a normal rose isn't quite your darling's style, consider a compass rose instead!  Or perhaps a map of the place where you met, or married, or honeymooned. With our framed antique postcards, you can assemble a whole series; your very own timeline of love! You may not be able to give that special someone the literal moon and stars, but we just bet your sweetheart will swoon with delight at the sight of a celestial map thereof. If you lack inspiration, give us a location; we'll help Cupid's arrow find its mark.

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The Constellations- January, February, March - 1856

You needn't brave January temperatures in the great outdoors just for a glimpse of the stars! We currently offer a variety of stunning celestial maps by Mallet, SDUK Pluche, Brion de la TourButler, Nitzchke, Fayard, and Burritt. The latter produced the map featured above in 1835. It has a light coloring painted over lively engravings of the winter constellations. These "maps of the heavens" have quickly become customer favorites. Happy stargazing, map fans!     


Map Showing The Divisions of Standard Time - 1894
This map shows the time zones of the US  when they were first being established, with notes on how the time must be adjusted from solar time at the top. The time zones were later adjusted to what we know now.  We also have a lovely map of Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester and Putnam Counties that shows a multitude of clocks wherein the clock hands indicate the time in that location when it is 12 o'clock in Albany. Published just twelve years before standard time was adopted in 1883, these sorts of diagrams were fascinating and informative. 

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As many of our clients know, the fully restored 18th-century structure that houses Maps of Antiquity also offers three cozy, affordable guest rooms. Summer is on the horizon on Cape Cod, so secure your reservations today! We're so pleased to be able to offer map-enthusiasts from out of town a place to hang their hats, and we hope to see you this season. Our rooms are available all year 'round and the each season offers many unique delights!

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Our commitment to you: At Maps of Antiquity, we sell both antique maps and reproductions.  We guarantee that our antique maps are authentic antiques.  Our description for each item is designated as an antique or reproduction.  We also try to provide sorting options to allow you to look at antique maps only.  If this is your preference, select one of the yellow tabs on the left side of each page that includes the word, “antique”.

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